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Enhance your data visualization capabilities with ChatGPT through the utilization of our two key features.

SQL translator

SQL translator

Input your prompt, and we will promptly generate the corresponding SQL query command for you.

Chart suggestion

Chart suggestion

Input your data, and we will automatically generate a chart tailored to your dataset.

Benefit you get

Utilizing our service will enhance the user experience for data visualization, optimizing development time for swift implementation.

Dashboard complexity

Says goodbye to dashboard complexity

Visulize your data

New way to visulize your data

Reduce development time

Reduce development time

Try demo

Try with our ChatViz widget

3 Easy steps for using

1. Config your SQL schema to our ChatViz

Upload the SQL schema

2. Setup your webhook to connect with our ChatViz

Send your prompt to SQL translate

3. ChatViz will visualize the output data from your webhook

ChatViz widget

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